Guuuddd Morning

To all my wonderful readers, positive vibers, beautiful bloggers, hip-hop heads, fight fans, truth seekers, and mass reachers.

Hope everyone is having a stellar day and intentionally seeking love over hate. Funny stories over bad news, freedom over bondage and music over idle thoughts that can lead to low energy and bad moods.

I’d like for everyone to go over to YouTube and get some inspiration by the good brother Michael Beckwith to hear a high vibrational message. The good brother is definitely uplifting.

For my fight fans, check out another classic. Sugar Ray Leonard vs Tommy Hearns 2.

For my hip-hop heads, I been vibing to Victory Lap today. Nipsey Hussel. You should too.

And finally join me in the second chapter of think and grow rich on faith.

If your quarantined, you got nothing better to do anyway so let’s learn, vibe high, and peacefully enjoy our moments.

To all my essential workers, peace, blessings, love, and thank you.

Real soon, I’ll start a new series of content to help grow and enjoy but until then, check out my previous blogs chronicling my Journey through religion, spiritualality, and finding myself in my beloved Hip-hop.
Peace and love folks.