Let’s Think and Grow Rich

Hello friends and followers of my page. First of all, I want to thank those who have spent time reading my Blogs.

My life has definitely taken many twist and turns and due to Covid-19 coming through and shutting down the world, it gave me much needed time to be still, sit down and reflect.

Most of my content has been created in these last 8 to 10 weeks.

I’ve never before now considered writing a book but this unique situation blessed me with the opportunity to take a swing at it.

I’m definitely into Personal Development and writing my ups and definitely downs has put my life in front of me.

I’m starting the process of literally rising from the ashes of my own doing.

I think I came across Think and Grow Rich around 2017. I’ve read a lot of it but consumed it mostly through audiobook.

I believe in what it is and can do if the principles are carried out correctly.

I’m looking for individuals who have read it, applied it, and has had success.

I’m looking to find someone or maybe more than one that I can embark on my journey with together.

I live in Kansas, separated, with very few friends and family that I can brainstorm with and collectively make positive changes in my life.

I’d love to find accountability partners who are where I’m trying to go that has used Think and Grow Rich.

I’ve never met a millionaire. Hell, I’m barely a hundredaire.

I’m looking for someone who’s been there and done that.

I have talent and want to learn how to monetize it. If there is anyone out there who would be interested in mentoring me and creating another millionaire please reach out to me.

Email me at nrtransition@gmail.com or message me on my nrtransition Facebook page.

I have already created my chief definite aim, I have a financial goal for this year and even have one for 5 years out.

I cleaned my slate and my year started June 1. By June 1 of 2021, I’d like to have income streams from my writing, music, and motivational speaking endeavors.

I just need a master mind unit that I can be a part of to share experiences and ideas that can benefit all involved.

Thank you so much for your time and I hope to hear from someone soon.

Published by: Wet.Dirt

Greetings friends. My name is Torrey Jones AKA Wet.Dirt. I'm a writer, music producer, song writer, composer, rapper and a somewhat rookie blogger. I welcome you to my page. I love hip-hop, boxing, spirituality and other things that you will be seeing as we go on this journey together. At times Ill be all over the place for things I blog via writing or blog but also, I'm here as a support for people who are in there transition from leaving religion. I'm not here to push anyone in any direction but what I've experienced in my own journey that it could be a very lonely time in ones life. Hopefully I can provide encouragement, references, and maybe just someone to listen. Also, I definitely like to have fun. I love boxing. I'll be writing blogs on that from time to time. Hip-hop. I love rap. Ill be sharing my own music along with other artist I feel we all should know about. Then, Ill just be blabbering my thoughts from time to time in entries I call "My thoughts and S#!T I probably shouldn't say". All in all, I'm here to learn and help others learn and feel safe while reminding folks and myself to not take this thing called life so seriously. Peace and Love Folk!!!!

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